About Us

About Us

Mr. Vaibhav Madhukar Bhalerao in the year 2001 founded Excel Distributors to export Agro products, like grains, fruits and vegetables to overseas markets. The entrepreneur leveraged his knowledge about the products, target market, prices, degree of competition of products, marketing procedures and terms of business, to bring success for the company. He has studied in detail the demand for specific agro products in the importing country, export import data, export policy and regulations of Indian government as well as foreign government policy and regulations. The clients based in UAE and other countries can be assured of our company's readiness. The Nashik, Maharashtra (India) based Supplier, Distributor & Exporter supplies Organic Red Onion, Fresh Red Onion, Maize, Rice, Garlic, Coconut and Pomegranate to Indian and United Arab Emirates market. All these products are procured at competitive prices and in sufficient quantity to meet the delivery schedules. Out of total annual turnover of Rs 1 Crore, Rs 40 Lakhs is the revenue generated from exports.

Effective Marketing

For profitable and sustainable international trading business, our mentor has developed a practical and flexible marketing and export plan. He attended international trade fairs and exhibitions in India and abroad to obtain particulars of foreign buyers, in addition to approaching Trade representatives (India & Foreign Governments) and Export Promotion Councils & Commodity Boards. We are planning to advertise about our company in both, Indian and foreign newspapers, journals and  magazines.

Our Team

We have created a strong team, which can handle all packaging, storage, distribution and transportation tasks. We have partnered with reliable logistic company to export grains, fruits and vegetables to overseas market. Our experienced and trained personnel prepare documentation in-house, including Commercial invoice, Certificate of origin, Inspection certification, Insurance certificate, Export packing list and any more.


To ensure that agro products remain fresh till they reach their destination, our personnel pack them in export quality bags and containers, which are labelled with necessary information, like:
  • Country of origin
  • Number of packages and size of cases
  • Weight marking
  • Cautionary markings
  • Port of entry
Our personnel pay close attention to packaging and labeling details. With effective packaging and labeling, we are sure that the grains, fruits and vegetables are prevented against wrong handling in the export process.

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